• Executive Board

    Jessie Xu


    Luke Qin


    Erik Jia


    Shrey Majmudar

    Chief of Strategy

    Samhitha Sunkara

    Co-Director of Investment

    Edward Coles

    Co-Director of Fundraising

    Alec Ashforth

    Co-Director of Education

  • Advisors

    Eric Savage


    Eric Savage serves as the President and Co-Founder at Unitus Capital. A founding team member of Unitus Capital, Mr. Savage transitioned from the Capital Markets team at Unitus, which he joined in 2007 and has led the company in raising well over US$1 billion for various social businesses.

    Matthew Nash


    Matthew T.A. Nash serves as the Managing Director for Social Entrepreneurship for Duke University. He designs and manages university-wide social innovation and entrepreneurship programming for the Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative.

    Isaac Fraynd


    Isaac Fraynd (Trinity '15) serves as the DealFlow Manager at Aqua-Spark, a globally focused, mission-driven investment fund based in Utrecht, the Netherlands focused on the sustainable aquaculture ecosystem.

    Cary Krosinsky


    Cary Krosinsky is a lecturer at Yale University and the co-founder of and a Director at Real Impact Tracker. He helped develop the Value Driver Model body of work in late 2013 for the UN Global Compact including a paper, case studies and toolkit, and is co-author in 2014 of A New Vision of Value for KPMG.