• Duke Impact Investing Group

    Energizing Social Impact One Investment at a Time

  • What We Do

    Spreading Awareness

    Creating a New Generation of Impact Investors

    We spread awareness about the power of social entrepreneurship and impact investing. We make it easy for undergraduates to learn about these fields and get hands-on engagement. With a curated curriculum, speaker series, and more, we give students the tools they need to learn about and contribute to the growing impact investing movement.

    Providing Capital

    Empowering Impact

    We seek to make impact investing opportunities more accessible and available to startups and small businesses across the Research Triangle Park area. By harnessing the enthusiasm of Duke undergraduates, we aim to allow for the efficient and socially beneficial distribution of capital, mentorship, and support to startups and business who need/desire it to grow their social impact.

    Pro-Bono Consulting

    A Helping Hand

    We seek to provide 100% free business strategy and solutions consulting services for socially-minded businesses in the local community as well as for businesses that we have invested capital in. We aspire to set up businesses with capable and trained undergraduate consulting teams to help businesses grow and scale, with a major goal of generating significant positive social impact.

  • What is Impact Investing?

    The Future of Venture Investing

    Impact investing is an exciting and rapidly growing industry powered by investors who are determined to generate social and environmental impact as well as financial returns. This is taking place all over the world, and across all asset classes.

    -The Global Impact Investing Network


    "Impact investing represents a significant opportunity to bring the innovation, incentives, and resources from business to the social sector"
    -The Case Foundation

  • How We Can Help You


    A Rare Opportunity

    At DIIG, students will be educated by our team on social impact investing. These students will also have opportunities to gain hands-on experience with consulting for and investing in a business through our state-of-the-art education system, which is fully supported by Duke University's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department.


    Grow Your Business

    DIIG will provide capital, mentorship, and access to a plethora of resources for any business that needs or desires it. Businesses that are a part of our portfolio will have access to capital, top-notch consultants, and mentors at their disposal for help with anything ranging from getting a website up to scaling their business.

  • Our Process

    For Students



    Learn from the best in our premier impact investing training program



    Join our consulting or investment teams as a full-fledged analyst



    Participate in deal sourcing, negotiation, analysis, and more

  • Our Process

    For Businesses



    Connect your company with the Duke Impact Investing Group


    Due Diligence

    Our analysts will work with you through the due diligence process



    We aim to inject capital, mentorship, and resources to grow your business

  • Team

    Michael Tan


    Saheel Chodavadia


    Peter Sun

    Executive Vice President

    Jacob Young

    Director of Consulting

    Kevin Zhang

    Co-Director of Finance

    Edward Coles

    Director of Operations

    Hemanth Yakkali

    Director of Technology

    Michelle Li

    Creative Director

    Chloe Gura

    Social Media Manager

  • Advisors

    Eric Savage


    Eric Savage serves as the President and Co-Founder at Unitus Capital. A founding team member of Unitus Capital, Mr. Savage transitioned from the Capital Markets team at Unitus, which he joined in 2007 and has led the company in raising well over US$1 billion for various social businesses.

    Matthew Nash


    Matthew T.A. Nash serves as the Managing Director for Social Entrepreneurship for Duke University. He designs and manages university-wide social innovation and entrepreneurship programming for the Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative.

    Isaac Fraynd


    Isaac Fraynd (Trinity '15) serves as the DealFlow Manager at Aqua-Spark, a globally focused, mission-driven investment fund based in Utrecht, the Netherlands focused on the sustainable aquaculture ecosystem.

    Cary Krosinsky


    Cary Krosinsky is a lecturer at Yale University and the co-founder of and a Director at Real Impact Tracker. He helped develop the Value Driver Model body of work in late 2013 for the UN Global Compact including a paper, case studies and toolkit, and is co-author in 2014 of A New Vision of Value for KPMG.

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